• “I’ve now got an incredible job with a good salary, chance of progress and in a perfect environment to learn and to grow. I would definitely recommend LWAI. They have the right contacts and tools to place any professional in the art market.”
    Guilherme Maximino - Art Advisor Halcyon Gallery at Harrods
  • “I’ve been on LWAI’s books for about a year. Since then I’ve always found LWAI to be friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They’ve found me some good job opportunities and treated me in the best possible way. I would completely recommend them to friends in the art world."
    Joe Madeira Creative Director
  • “I chose to find work through LWAI because of the quality of roles they advertise. They offer a personal and nurturing service and have given me useful advice on how I can enhance my career in my chosen field. I felt well suited and well prepared for the interviews I attended and got really useful feedback afterwards.

    LWAI are passionate, knowledgeable and professional and I’ve recommended them to many of my friends. Lacey is fantastic at her job and I hope she will continue to help me on my career journey.”
    Camilla Cole Manager, Gazelli Art House
  • “I have experience of the LWAI recruitment process from both sides – as a candidate and employee.

    As a candidate, I was treated in a very supportive and fair way. I was given a good understanding of the role on offer, and this gave me confidence going in to my interview.

    I have also very recently used LWAI’s services to recruit a Career Services Intern.

    I chose to recruit staff through LWAI for two reasons. Firstly, I knew Lacey understood the specific business needs of Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Secondly, I knew I’d be guaranteed a quality selection of candidates, that every candidate would have been met by Lacey, and that I’d get a very clear synopsis about each applicant.

    As it happened, all four shortlisted LWAI candidates were appointable based on the specific skills they brought to the interview relevant to the required recruitment. The candidates were all well briefed and all had an understanding of the position for which they were about to be interviewed. I found the LWAI recruitment service provided a quick and very effective way of identifying candidates that were most suitable to the role being offered and led to the successful appointment of the best candidate for the job.

    I would recommend LWAI without hesitation.”
    Zoe Mogridge Director of Career Services – Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • “LWAI was recommended to me by Sotheby’s Institute of Art. They have always treated me with great professionalism, kind attention and politeness. Lacey has an excellent reputation and gave me some crucial tips on writing a CV to get a position in the UK. LWAI posts excellent job opportunities on their website. Without any doubt, I would recommend them to colleagues looking for a new role.”
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