We are looking to fill a Senior VP – Collections Research Management (CMR) role for a gallery based in New Delhi that specialises in Modern Indian Art. The client, established for 25 years, has an international presence. They regularly attend international art fairs and have also initiated educational and outreach programmes in the community.

Job Purpose :

To oversee all business operation of CMR and to build motivated and high performing teams through effective leadership.

Processes Covered Under CMR

Technical Aspects

  • Artwork Documentation
    • Provenance
    • Artwork Detailing
    • Condition Assessment
  • Post Sale Documents (which includes, Authenticity and Provenance)
  • Artwork Prices
  • Evaluation; external client requests
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Inventory; maintaining the accuracy of the information in the inventory
  • Defining artwork categories: for non ‘modern and contemporary’

Subjective Aspects

  • Analysis of the collection for effective sales and prudent acquisition
  • Research; artist biography, mediums and techniques
  • Training: for inhouse teams on art history, mediums, techniques and markets

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage departmental budgets
  • Pricing of artwork, with periodical revisions
  • Provenance – setting up the process for populating the provenance and ensuring the same is followed. Provenance for all works to be done and approved by MD
  • Ensure a smooth process for art work documentation covering all aspects such as detailing, images and addition to the inventory within 30 days of the art work arriving at the warehouse
  • Developing and updating guidelines to govern the above processes
  • Manage conservation and restoration of artwork and assess the costs and quality of work. Ensuring complete documentation of the process
    • Pre treatment
    • Treatment done
    • Periodic checks
    • Vendor management
  • Review and update information in the inventory
  • Post Sale documents
    • Authorize the release of the documents
    • Review documents prepared by the team members
    • Maintain a record of the documents issued
  • Art Biographies – update and maintain the same
  • Ensure the ERP is optimally used for all above processes
  • Create formats & formulas that can be adapted for the ERP to increase efficiency of tasks and ensure deadlines are met
  • Develop learning aids – glossaries, artist grouping

Additional Responsibilities

  • Talks at and for various DAG events
  • Evaluating artist acquisitions
  • Dealing with a select client base for sales
  • ERP – developing the structure and wireframe flow for the ERP

Desired requirements

  • Knowledge of Modern Indian Art and contemporary art practices
  • Knowledge of Modern Art History of India (Artists, movements and materials)
  • Understanding of price trends of Indian Art
  • Ability to undertake research and present the research in an accessible format (PPT or in other formats)
  • Ability to lead and guide team members


A competitive salary and package are offered, depending on experience.


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